Have you ever wanted to decorate your home with more than mere images of your favorite fantasies, but with the atmosphere of your favorite fantasies? An ornate light-casting lantern - perhaps as though it were held by a grim cloaked phantom, or a coffee table like an overgrown artifact dug from ruins, or a bookend resembling a favorite creature from space?

If your imagination is still growing, perhaps what you're interested in practically-speaking is a space-saving, modular and/or conversion-oriented piece of furniture that can be used for many different things, in your small living space. Because most modern and templated styles of home furnishings are minimal, rectangular, and inorganic, they furnish a room -- but not the body, mind, and soul. They, unfortunately, invite little imagination. Here you may acquire the opposite: Practical, functional, and elegant works that offer the sensations of other worlds. All custom. All customizeable.

Whether it's a piece of special equipment or cool furniture, contribute a sense of adventure and joy into your space with an actual treasure. Design it yourself, or, if you're not quite keen on an idea yet, browse some potential projects.

Be kind to your imagination.

Welcome to Sawzin Woodwork.


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